B.O. Bomb

Woke up to an alert,

About a fire.

At a health club,

Caused quite a stir.


Looked out the window,

Still dark outside.

Off in the horizon,

Glowing massive light.


Turned on the news.

Been there in the past.

Have a place for kids,

Where they had a blast.


Firemen were there,

Put the flames out.

Began investigating,

How this came about.


I had a theory,

The cause of this.

The place had an odor,

Like a smelly armpit.


Locker room perspiration,

Over the years,

Build up inside,

Brings your eyes to tears.


I bet what sparked,

Where the fire came from,

Gym gasses from the masses,

Known as a B.O. Bomb.


Wouldn’t take much,

To cause an explosion.

Sweat and smelly towels,

Mold and erosion.


In any event,

The place was leveled.

Pile of ashes,

Equipment disheveled.


If you go to a gym,

Plan to join a club,

Make sure it’s clean,

Inside they scrub.


If they don’t,

Might be too late.

You’ll be blown away,

Not fit, without shape.


  • Michael Edwards

    They should have exercised more vigorous cleaning routines - love it WBL.

    • WriteBeLight

      LOVE your comment Michael. Thanks!

    • willyweed

      This poem stinks but I do love it just shows to go ya any and all is a possibility ! I say PU to this smelly gem! Woolywoo he said holding his face and mouth?

      • WriteBeLight

        Ha Ha Ha. Thanks for the stinky reply WW! Phewwww 🙂

      • Goldfinch60

        I knew there must be a good reason why I shouldn't go to the gym!! Good write.

        • WriteBeLight

          I know! You could be risking your life, especially like the canary in the coal mine... 🙂 Thanks!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          WOW Honey ~ It just goes to show ~ in the GYMS where I go ~ they could easily blow ~ from build up of BO. One of the problems is today ~ people use so much deodorant etc ~ that the normal /natural scent of another human being (especially after a workout) is considered disgusting ! The scent of LOVE ~ well that is another big subject .....! Thanks for sharing the story and the joke LM track suit O Hygienic Hugs ~ BRIAN

          • WriteBeLight

            Love the comment Brian. Can do without BO! Thanks.

          • Augustus

            Spontaneous combustion. That's what my mind does when I sit next to some folks who seldom bathe. Like on a plane. But you were writing about gyms. Yes a stack of old sweaty towels may do it, especially from the male side. Enjoyed.

            • WriteBeLight

              Ha Ha. I can relate when out grocery shopping, etc. I do not get that at all. Don't leave the house without one first (a shower). But, that is the joke about this gym. The Board of Health in towns and cities should do an all out investigation of all clubs like that, not holding their noses of course 🙂 Thanks Augustus.

            • myinnervoice

              Lol your a funny lady

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks! Funny and try to be squeaky clean. Ha Ha. 🙂

                • myinnervoice


                • MendedFences27

                  Saw it on the news last night. Maybe they'll rebuild with better ventilation. Nice take on the cause, very creative. - Phil A.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Ha Ha. Hope so. Thanks Phil for the comment!

                  • Tony36

                    Well written poem

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