My wife, my lover, my friend

There have been so many poems about love break up, and pain

So I thought I should prevent the opposite side of the coin!


When so many years ago I said I do

I meant it then and it is still true

You’ve always been the one for me

From the moment I asked you on my knee

When times were rough you held me high

Trusted me to never say good-bye

Stood by my side in good and bad

Shared all the sorrow and joy we had

Popped me up when I was down

Even tolerated my occasional frown

Laughed politely at old jokes I told

Gave me warmth when I was cold

When life was tough and pretty bad

You were uplifting instead of mad

When my parents moved on I cried

But you were always on my side

Your greatest gift, children one to three

For that I forever thank you on my knee

As a lover you made me proud

Let me float on that seventh cloud

You are mother, wife and friend

And my love for you will never end

When the time comes where I have to go

There is something you will need to know

Even though I may not be around anymore

My love will be with you forevermore



  • orchidee

    A fine write Fred.

    • FredPeyer

      Kind of mushy, but thank you anyway orchidee!

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write and very true for me as well. I like mushy.

      • FredPeyer

        Thanks Goldfinch! I guess we are soul mates! (In a friend way, of course)

      • Michael Edwards

        And for me - great to read something that is uplifting and celebrates love- super write.

        • FredPeyer

          Thank you Michael, for your very kind comment. I am glad you are in the same boat as Goldfinch and I!

          • Michael Edwards

            I am indeed - my wife and I are one and the same and have been for over 50 years now.

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          • Accidental Poet

            Beautiful poem for your wife Fred.

            Many a man scoffs at the thought of being a romantic. But love for one woman will be his biggest weakness, while also his greatest strength. Just something I've learned over the last 50 years.

            • FredPeyer

              Thank you AP, you are so right. It is our greatest weakness as well as our greatest strength. I am just grateful that it worked out the way it did.

            • Aa Harvey

              Purely beautiful. True romance. I love this poem. It is fabulous!

              • FredPeyer

                Thank you Aa! I am a romantic (can't help it!) and sometimes I do get carried away.

                • Aa Harvey

                  I am a romantic too, so I completely understand.
                  Congratulations on finding your soulmate.

                  Peace, love and empathy.

                • dusk arising

                  Fred i love this. So honest and open. You are a lucky man to have such a great lady by your side and so too is she and blessed with your poetic love.

                  • FredPeyer

                    Thank you so much da! I know I am lucky, and I guess she might be lucky too. In any case, after 40 plus years of marriage it would be kind of late to worry about that now. I know it came out kind of mushy, but I happen to feel that way about her and that is it!
                    Thanks for your kind comment!

                    • dusk arising

                      She would probably tell you that she kind heartedly tolerates you because she wouldn't like to see you homeless, it's the feminine way.

                    • ShannonXx

                      A very sweet write!

                      • FredPeyer

                        Thank you so much, Shannon!

                      • malubotelho

                        Mushy is my fave. Guys are afraid of being mushy but most of the girls like mushy. With sincerity of course. I love this Fred specially when you say she laughs from your old jokes. We all repeat old jokes and expect closer people to laugh again and again. Very sweet of you to drip from your heart a confession publicly. Lucky you two to have encountered each other.

                        • FredPeyer

                          Thank you Malu, yes I know why I married her, still wondering sometimes why she married me though!

                          • malubotelho

                            Now you ask her to write for you.

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                          • Candlewitch

                            dear Fred,

                            this is a lovely confession of the heart and soul! very well written!!!

                            *hugs, Cat

                            • FredPeyer

                              You are very kind, Cat. It is not the best writing, but it DID come from the heart. As I commented to Santita, I just had the urge to put these feelings on paper before it is too late. Since she does not check on what I am doing and saying on this site, I will print it out and give it to her at the right time.

                              • Candlewitch

                                that is an excellent idea...I'm sure that she will love every word of it! 🙂

                                *hugs, Cat

                              • myself and me

                                Wow, true love indeed. Deep, soft, warm, and long lasting. You can't ask more than this.
                                Absolutely lovely.

                                • FredPeyer

                                  Thank you M&M, but you forgot exciting, maddening, satisfying, and driving me absolutely nuts.

                                  • myself and me

                                    Sorry, forgot the seasonings, without them, the dish won't taste.

                                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                                    Thanks FRED ~ for caring & sharing ~ a lovely tribute to your WIFE in particular and MARRIAGE in general ! Yes is does redress some of the sad srories of separation and break up and abuse which have proliferated on MPS recently. Your elegant Poem (love rhyming couplets) covers every aspect of True Love and its culmination in a Happy & Fruitful Marriage. Children are Blessing from God so THREE is a Triple Blessing and you have MULTIPLIED 2 becomes 3 ~ AMEN Loved every word ! Yours BRIAN
                                    Please check the FUSION on Games & Pastimes by SANTITA & Myself and add a Poem.
                                    Click in DEVELOPING and it will come up ~ OK ~ Thanks B.

                                    • FredPeyer

                                      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Brian. And the three children added four grand-children, with one more on the way! We truly are blessed!

                                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                                        WOW FRED ~ I checked you age 69 ~ so i thought you must be a GRANDDADDY by now ~ what a privilege to be able to influence and interact with a third generation ! You can now understand the Population Explosion we add a new Generation every 30 years ~ so 2 becomes 3 becomes 5 etc a Quintuplet Blessing ~ Yours BRIAN

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