To Shake or Not to Shake

So the England team have been stopped,

Been stopped from shaking hands,

It is too dangerous they say.

Surely the fist pump is dangerous,

A fist is a sign of aggression.

An open hand a sign of peace,

A sign of no hidden weapons.

What has happened to politeness?

Mind you I am not surprised,

After all it is football,

And I don’t expect politeness,

In this hooligan’s game.



Rugby – a game for hooligans played by gentlemen.

Football – a game for gentlemen played by hooligans.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Gold. It's no excuse for smashing up ambulances, etc. It made me sick (not literal) seeing pictures of that stupidity. Oh, more vanity! There's enough of it about.

    • Goldfinch60

      Thanks Orchi, I did not know about the smashing up of ambulances etc, it might have been in good nature but it is no excuse, those who did it need to be sent out with ambulances to major accidents just to see how important and wonderful ambulances and their crews are.

    • Michael Edwards

      Both great games which are very British - proud that we started them. I always recall being chastised at school for calling football 'football'. Football is a generic name I was told - it's soccer. That seems to have gone by the wayside these days.

      • Goldfinch60

        We played Rugby at senior school but changed to hockey in the third year and ended up playing for the school, I never took it any further.
        Rugby is certainly my game to watch, the last Rugby Union World Cup there were 48 matches and I saw 47 of them on the television, I missed the first French match.

      • FineB

        Hello Goldfinch60.

        Thanks for this poem and for the interesting perspective it provides on modern times and people’s behaviour.

        Politeness is not celebrated enough in these modern times. I am all for politeness and a firm hearty handshake towards your fellow man.

        Give me a rugby crowd any day. They are much nicer.

        Keep writing ✍️

        • Goldfinch60

          Thank you FineB. I agree that today's society is losing politeness, it means so much and costs nothing.

          Yes Rugby crowds are much better, you don't have to segregate them in any match and they all go down the pub after to celebrate a good game, not who won or lost.

        • Heartwriter

          Good write. I don't really keep up with football though. Nice.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks for sharing ANDY ~ As you know I am a great FAN of the ENGLISH TEAM and they have behaved impeccably and GARETH & HARRY are perfect Gentlemen and great role models and a credit to our Country. The "handshaking" story could be "false news" like the rumour someone is spreading that DAVIES (Mr Brexit) has quit the Cabinet over Theresa's soft BREXIT ! We must give our BOYS 100% support ~ AMEN ~ Loved the song one of my Fave Folk / Protest Songs ! Please add a POEM to ANGELA'S first FUSION on Fave Places ~ OK ~ Yours BRIAN

          • Goldfinch60

            So Davies quitting the cabinet was fake news - have you been taking lessons from that Trump character.
            Southgate does seem to be putting some respect for each other in the team but I would still rather watch Rugby.

          • dusk arising

            Personally i am only interested in what goes on on the football pitch where the game is played. Anything else is not the game of football.

            • Goldfinch60

              Very true da but even on the pitch they seem to foul all te time and there is no respect for the referee as there is in Rugby. (Sorry it is one of my gripes where there is shirt tugging all the time and unfortunately the kids on the street playing football are following suit)

              • dusk arising

                You're not on your own there. All that foul play - highly paid individuals teaching our impressionable young (no longer the benefit of parental guidance) to cheat when they think they can get away with it. Detrimental to our society!
                Fortunately, compared to many other teams, our lot are among the least offending.
                I'd send, any player who broke the rules, off the pitch until there were only clean ones left he he he.
                It's actually one of my pet hates. Exacerbated by the EEU preventing us from chastising our kids. But thats a full soapbox rant for another day!
                Football fans antics are something i mentally separate from the game. Criminal activity should be simply called criminal activity and not almost excused of being a part of the games hi-jinks.
                (heartfelt rant now over).

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              • Laura🌻

                It sounds like an awful messy business to me!
                Couldn’t they just act gentlemanly and call it a day!

                I enjoyed Pete Seeger’s “We Shall Overcome”! Music saves the day!


                • Goldfinch60

                  Thank Laura, to my mind it is.

                  Pete Seeger is to be much respected and enjoyed.

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