Negro Lullaby

James Edwin Campbell

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Mammy's baby, go ter sleep,
Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my honey;
Cross de hyarf de cricket creep,
Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my honey.
Hoot owl callin' f'um de ol' sycamo'
'Way down yon'er in de holler;
While de whip-po'-will an' de li'l' screech owl
Dey des try dey bes' ter foller.

Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my deah,
Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my honey;
Shet yo' eyes an' drap off ter sleep --
O yo' eyes dey bright ez money!

Mammy's sugah, go ter sleep,
Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, my honey;
Baby stars done cease ter peep,
Hush-er-by, hush er-by, my honey.
De moon raise slim froo de ol' mounting gap,
In hits cradle hits been ur rockin'
De li'l' baby stars all fars' ur sleep --
You chillen bettah stop dat knockin'!

Hush-er-by, hush-er-by, hush er-by, my deah,
Hush-er by, hush-er-by, my honey,
Noddin', noddin', nod -- ur sleep at lars,
Sh -- sh -- sh -- sh -- my honey.

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