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To Be Heard
dusk arising said:

This is so well written and held me gripped to the end. It\'s not only women who experience some of these things, it chimed with me.
Disturbing initially, it slowly became a real pleasure as you turned it around

February 12th, 2020 13:01

orchidee said:

I knew you mean me - well, so I thought! lol.

January 10th, 2020 05:26

AlitaOpal said:

Beautifully put together 🌹

January 9th, 2020 20:04

Better Place
G84 said:

a negative situation, a positive attitude and a rhyming style that could almost be rapped! I like it!

thank you

December 30th, 2019 18:55

Someone To Love
Grato said:

shhhuuuuu, wow. Very brief and effective/impactful.

December 20th, 2019 02:58

My Perfect Man
Goldfinch60 said:

That love will never fail.

November 18th, 2019 01:32

Living In My Dreams (Dark Poetry)
yellowrose said:

Dark but a very good poem !! Seriously well expressed

November 14th, 2019 15:50

Dear Anger
dusk arising said:

Are you going to change the ending to this one too or are we stuck with it? I hope not cos you could change it to something really positive and sunny.... you could even put your shorts on and go show off yer legs to the tongues hanging out on main street....just to boost yer ego like......
I bet theres lotta happy things going on all around you that you are either ignoring or slyly keeping quiet about...... lifes never simply YUK ... its usually like a prty where they\'ve run out of booze (hic)

July 27th, 2019 09:05

Christina8 said:

I struggle with anxiety so I feel ya! Good writing.--Christina

July 26th, 2019 21:34

dusk arising said:

My dear mum was a great worrier... she lived for it... but only to express her concern.. I never clocked any signs of anxiety.

You on the other hand are a bundle aren\'t you.... definitely need sorting out... I shall watch your postings with interest until i have something constuctive which will put you on the road to.... no... not saying where... later.

July 26th, 2019 10:10

dusk arising said:

pmsl... you deleted my line... don\'t blame u though..... quiet lady

Yep .. ending is much improved

July 26th, 2019 00:28

Joe Dawson said:

You have clearly been hurt and whoever this is they equally clearly don\'t deserve you or your attention. You have bared your heart here and no doubt exorcised this thing that has angered and injured you so. Time is on your side, better days lie ahead and I am absolutely certain a truly worthwhile love will come. Good luck. Joe

July 25th, 2019 15:56

I Need Time
Nameless said:

You are an incredibly strong, beautiful young mother and you should be insanely proud of yourself. A stupid man and his pathetic actions can NEVER take that away from you. What matters is your life, what you want, and the love you have for your kids. I wish you nothing but happiness.

June 2nd, 2019 23:06

Put Down Our Phones
Goldfinch60 said:

Very true words Tiffany, people just do not see life around them anymore - I do though and I am sure that you do as well.

June 2nd, 2019 00:20

Mother\'s Day
orchidee said:

Good write T.

May 12th, 2019 13:32

We Are All Equal
JaydeVictoria said:

What a lovely and very true message, the world would be a much better place if everyone thought the way you do, lovely write

March 10th, 2019 15:53

Tears to America: Wrote for a friend
niallprideaux said:

very insightful, and so beautifully written. love it :)

March 1st, 2019 17:31

My Muse
Goldfinch60 said:

Good tribute to your son, that relationship is so special and unique.

February 27th, 2019 01:47

My Muse
dusk arising said:

Awwww so much love here. Really is a pleasure to read your words.

February 26th, 2019 15:40

My Muse
Fay Slimm. said:

A heart-touching tribute to a wonderful son - -- thanks so much for sharing both words and your lovely closeness with us here Tiffany. Continued blessings to a Mum and Son with extra special togetherness.

February 26th, 2019 14:11

Lasting Love
psychofemale said:

lovely words :)

nicely written :)

January 30th, 2019 18:00

Lasting Love
dusk arising said:

This is really moving. It clearly shows your love for your mother and her love for you and yours. Now another has come into your lives and brought more love.... you\'ve all grown from your shared love.
Bible says envy is a sin you know, but i sure nuff am envious of you in this... and thats no sin.

January 30th, 2019 12:41

All I know
psychofemale said:


January 15th, 2019 21:35

All I know
dusk arising said:

Fight fight fight..... what are you fighting? Life is for living, if loving god is making you fight then stiop loving god. God brings so much pain to human beings...if god was omnipotent then he/she/it would end suffering.... so think about it... or have u been brainwashed?

January 15th, 2019 18:15

Golden Fleece
Fay Slimm. said:

A positive and very encouraging message Tiffany and thanks for sharing it.

January 11th, 2019 14:38

Golden Fleece
orchidee said:

A fine write Tiffany.

January 11th, 2019 02:56

Michaela\'s Christmas Gift
Aislinn Wilson said:

This is the sweetest cutest thing. I hope you shared it with them!

January 9th, 2019 11:27

Feel Me
Yorelzinala said:

Assertive. Strong. Sensual. Wonderful articulation of emotion.

December 21st, 2018 22:49

Yorelzinala said:


December 5th, 2018 22:50

Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet said:

Nicely done Tiffany. You\'ve clearly expressed your feelings adequately in this write. :-)

November 26th, 2018 17:21

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