Comments received on poems by Brimelow

Fate\'s Sonnet
L. B. Mek said:

a really good write, imagery in that second stanza is so impactful,
well executed in tone as well as flow, thanks for sharing dear poet

February 23rd, 2021 04:27

Fate\'s Sonnet
yellowrose said:

Interesting words . I enjoyed this . Nicely expressed

February 23rd, 2021 03:07

Fate\'s Sonnet
Goldfinch60 said:

Good positive write.


February 23rd, 2021 01:52

Fate\'s Sonnet
Jerry Reynolds said:

Optimistic write, Brimelow.

February 22nd, 2021 17:03

Tock. Tick.
Gavin said:

That is a thought provoking poem, Brimelow.

I might be reading into it with my own perspective.

I see it as an individual not fitting into the collective. So symphony is found by breaking free from being orchestrated.
By no longer keeping time were not controlled by the past.

Am I anywhere near to your intention?

July 2nd, 2020 01:35

dusk arising said:

Having read you 2nd poem on MPS and thoroughly enjoyed it i delved deeper..... and wasn\'t disappointed. This piece is even better ... full of positivity.
I\'m going to put it among my favourites of poems posted on MPS.
Keep posting your stuff.

June 28th, 2020 04:32

dusk arising said:

The liveliness of this piece is enthralling. There is joy of love and life itself in here although the target love may be unrequited. Such is love when there is plenty of time ahead, plenty more apples upon the tree.

Really enjoyed this.

June 28th, 2020 04:28

Andrew Charles Forrest said:

Sounds like a future regret o the question never asked?

Don\'t have regrets in old age... go for it

Thanks for sharing great emotion

June 28th, 2020 03:47