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Better as a daydream
L. B. Mek said:

but still, fantasy helps
gets us through
the lulls in our day..
(a wonderful shorty, thanks for sharing
and with the cultural switch to online dating
this reads, so relatable)

December 16th, 2021 04:16

The curse of bad timing
L. B. Mek said:

reads like words
being whispered to our ears, intensely private
love the drink theme, linking
as metaphor and anchor, for your poem
reminds me of an old post
I shared, titled
\'Saudade in a savoured cup\'..
(thanks for sharing, dear Poet
such a great read)

December 16th, 2021 04:12

Heavy handed
L. B. Mek said:

I choose to believe
so long as we still invest, in hope
all our mistakes add up
to amalgamate, as our future\'s epic..
(sorry I thought you were taking a break so didn\'t know to check for any new write\'s
just so your name on coyotes poem today and checked)

December 16th, 2021 04:03

3 a.m.
spilleronsheet said:

It felt surreal
As if the scenes were happening in front
You staged it so well

November 26th, 2021 05:21

3 a.m.
Coyote said:

Awesome write Hannah and congrats on finding a spoken word group.

November 20th, 2021 17:23

3 a.m.
SureshG said:

That dreaded feeling, I pray is just a poetic license - for the horror of your words is truly jarring

November 14th, 2021 20:39

3 a.m.
dusk arising said:

Such drama! Really enjoyed this suspenseful sad tale. A story being told the world over for those lucky enough to have an escape path.

Life can be so undeservedly cruel.

November 4th, 2021 06:20

3 a.m.
L. B. Mek said:

and through all-things bleak
and barbarically vile, that tried
but mercifully, Failed
to diminish the Beauty of your Bravery
or the majesty, in your fight
to imbue your Poetry
with the purity of Goodness, you still Choose to embrace
in your purpled Heart, despite
the abundance of darkness and hurt, in your life...
(it\'s a privilege to ready your Poetry
and its an honour, to be a part of your existence, dear Poet
keep believing,
keep searching,
keep healing!
thank you, for choosing to share)

November 4th, 2021 05:44

3 a.m.
Garth Rakumakoe said:

Emotionally vivid. Written with such sober clarity. I felt it. Kudos, fellow writer.

November 4th, 2021 03:43

3 a.m.
Doggerel Dave said:

Now I don’t want to be picky, but somewhere I thought there were some ‘happier pieces’ in the offing…….

However, that noted, I want you to know this particular effort (I use the term advisedly – it would have taken considerable toll on memory and emotion) is for me a window into a situation I read about and am confronted with via other media, but nothing has bought it home in such a raw way as this.

Thanks Hannah.

November 4th, 2021 03:34

I\'ve already been;
Doggerel Dave said:

Hannah - I cannot find a single argument to muster against anything or circumstance you relate in your gut wrenching piece...... Great to know you survive and are still around.

November 1st, 2021 00:13

I\'ve already been;
dusk arising said:

placing a part of life naked before us dear poet takes a lot of courage.
Pain which has led us to now makes us the poet we are.... you have amazing expression in your writing and the pain comes through hard hitting.
Amazing writing.

October 29th, 2021 05:10

I\'ve already been;
L. B. Mek said:

(when reading such raw and powerful poetry, sometimes
all I can do is try and respond to the emotions I connect with,
give voice to the wordless yearning I identified with,
maybe its rude of me, but please
forgive my overzealous nature, I only mean to show solidarity, empathy
and maybe in doing-so, let you know
however empty your room may be, momentarily
you\'re not alone, dear Poet
at least in me
you\'ve someone that will listen
patiently and still, respect you
for the honest bravery you choose to express yourself with
and fight to survive, against all the odds!)
how do we begin to peel
the fruits
of our pain and suffering;
seeds, we never knew
we invited into our heart\'s
blossoming a lifetime of regrets
watered by our unshed tears,
there must be a place
where a wrong turn, in life
doesn\'t have to culminate
in a free fall, of endless strife!
where is this mercy
where are these deities
where do I find, the love in life?
must my knees bend, to plead
when so much of me is already broken..
let\'s say, this is all fate decreed
and from my nightmare ashes
a light of destiny
will beckon me
to the wonder\'s of the world
this poet\'s are drunk on?
what of my daydream horrors
will they, be wiped from my memory;
one day will I be too able to hug, a stranger again
without flinching
like in my youthful bliss of naivety?
or am I cursed
to remain weary
of all the kindness that still awaits me...

October 29th, 2021 05:07

I\'ve already been;
Neville said:

This is so damn good & raw, I am almost ashamed to like it as much as I do ................................ I look forward to your eventual return Hannah Elisabeth ... Neville

October 29th, 2021 01:10

Oh, Georgia
A.H. Browning said:

I see you have posted an absence notice, but I had to comment anyways. I love this one. I live in Georgia (since April 2000) and I have given up on trying to figure out the crazy Georgia weather. Someone gave me a list of “Georgia’s 12 Seasons” which I will share below 😂
1. Winter
2. Fool’s spring
3. Second winter
4. Spring of deception
5. Third winter
6. The pollening
7. Spring
8. Summer
9. Hell’s front porch
10. False fall
11. Second summer
12. Fall

I think that’s fairly accurate 👍

October 3rd, 2021 11:07

please don\'t tell her
dusk arising said:

Wonderful to have friends who you both enjoy and admire.
A very personal reveal in your words today.

September 20th, 2021 08:25

please don\'t tell her
L. B. Mek said:

whenever I read testimonies to such lasting and nourishing, friendships,
I can\'t help, suffering a twinge of jealousy, as they
depict an exceptionally rare, gifted experience of life
thanks for sharing, dear Poet

September 20th, 2021 06:57

Attachment Theory
L. B. Mek said:

my lingering regret
and the burden I\'ve managed to evade,
in life
has been \'not\' entering the psychiatry profession,
see, while I will scream to the skies
about its quintessential utility in our everyday lives,
I truly believe you need to be a really strong individual (mentally and empathetically)
to willingly burden your existence, with the turmoil and suffering of others;
that is, if you truly want to make a difference, and not just
dish-out prescriptions and platitudes, to validate your billing hours...
\'the way a home
should feel:
And the only one
I\'ve ever known\'..
what frustrates the most
from having being around and in love
with several individuals: suffering, dealing and surviving
from various forms of \'abusive loved-one\'s, in their lives\'
is the entrapped powerlessness, those individuals are Made to feel,
and that underpins the root cause to all their suffering..
see, here is the bottom line truth that connects all the various diverse cases,
from what I have gleaned of the suffering I\'ve witnessed
(in my humble opinion):
\'we all, inflict a measure of suffering: upon ourselves!\'
that does not in any way, validate other\'s hurtful actions, against us
nor does it equate, to us \'being deserving\' of the pain, we\'ve been forced to experience: Never!
What I mean, is that
underlying everything
in our lives, \'we tolerate in the name of belonging, loyalty or a warped sense love\'
is our inability, to affirm and enact the most basic principle
in any life:
That we Too, Deserve: the very Best
experience of Existence, simply
because, We Do!
without need for justification or cause, we Must realise,
we are and always Will Be, the Most valuable component in Our lives...!
But, sometimes
unbeknown to us, those same childhood experiences and joys we treasure
have subtly or profoundly, warped our sense of self, and so
we\'re aesthetically beautiful, but feel pathetic for everyone judging us by our looks alone
and we unknowingly, gravitate
to those who treat our Beauty with indifference
confusing ourselves that in actuality, they like us for who we are underneath,
when in actuality, that\'s just their ploy...
Or maybe, we\'re the smartest person, in every room we enter
and yet, we\'re drawn
to those individuals, who cherish our aesthetic quality\'s and gift us, a fun loving simplistic experience of life, only
what they are doing, is trying to control us,
and demean our superior intellect by making us devalue that aspect of ourselves, we - in actuality: cherish the most...
(That\'s why, after witnessing
all the suffering I have
my message has been refined
and its simply this:
create distance from that which generates hurt in your life
excavate, from within
however painful and hard;
that part of yourself, which covets the suffering other\'s threaten your life with;
only then, do we have a chance
of insuring, we never - again
fall victim, to those vultures
waiting to pounce on the weakness:
\'We\' project to the world...)
forgive me, dear poet
your words sparked a part of me that represses a lot of regret, for so many
I have come across in my life
that try as I might, at the time
I was ill equipped to help in any meaningful or lasting fashion
and so, I have gone-off
on yet another tangent
and hijacked your comments section, so rudely
(thank you for writing something that inspired me, in such a strong way, dear Poet)

September 20th, 2021 06:09

Attachment Theory
dusk arising said:

How frightening the outside world can appear when the intimacy of our home refuge is terrifying in itself. Such courage is found in fear to extricate oneself.

September 19th, 2021 18:12

Better as a daydream
Heart of Babel said:

Don’t mind me…
*Raises boom box high into the air, blaring Haddaway while bobbing head sideways*

September 19th, 2021 11:41

Better as a daydream
Simple Tendencies said:

Oh this is so beautiful.
I\'m reminded of a Mountain Goats song, \"Love, Love, Love\" which talks about these weird images people get in their head about what love really is. it\'s comforting to know that other people are still trying to chase that high of first love, while trying hard not to fall into the same traps as before.
I especially like the internal rhyme you\'ve got going on with the turning point here. \"Rose-shaded, jaded/ dopamine daydream\" works so well. Nicely phrased! Feels like a dialogue you have with yourself. Like you\'re thinking things over and your brain has to rhyme just to make sense of the overload of sensations.

September 18th, 2021 22:08

Better as a daydream
Doggerel Dave said:

Following a precedent already shared on this thread, my take on ’Love’ as explored particularly on this site has already been expressed on

Apologies for the slightly brusque tone, Hannah - the whole subject here gives me the irrits sometimes.

September 18th, 2021 05:26

Better as a daydream
Goldfinch60 said:

When you find the right person love is so strong that it only gets stronger over the years as it did with my wife and I, and still does even thought she has passed into a better world where I will join her one day.


September 18th, 2021 01:47

Better as a daydream
dusk arising said:

Isn\'t that how love is though, initial attraction etc fades and we discover (or not) the person we can tolerate alongside our fantasy of what we figure love to be....
And of course, the law of averages is heavily biased in the failure arena.
Re-reading the final lines leads me to wonder whether this is about an internet based/initiated romance. A chat-room folly i became too familiar with in foolish years.
Very enjoyable read.

September 18th, 2021 01:19

The curse of bad timing
Coyote said:

This is a wonderful poem Hannah. Hauntingly beautiful and poetically moving. Love the reference to the Beatle\'s and the Old Typewriter :)

September 16th, 2021 17:25

The curse of bad timing
Doggerel Dave said:

The geography of one of your relationships well scanned, Hannah.
I speculate that everyone caries pieces of past relationships within them – hopefully positive pieces; yours sound positive, learnt from and definitely not bitter. A well textured story I enjoyed.

September 14th, 2021 20:09

The curse of bad timing
Fozzy said:

Love that

September 14th, 2021 13:03

The curse of bad timing
BusyB said:

Very clever!

September 14th, 2021 12:26

Heavy handed
Doggerel Dave said:

Got to give this one the big miss - sorry, Hannah yer Uncle Dave understands nothing here....

September 11th, 2021 22:22

Heavy handed
dusk arising said:

One reason I never had a tattoo on my body not so beautiful..... i have witnessed too many blemishes which once were good intent upon bodies around me.

September 11th, 2021 19:10

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