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Ugh, Feelings
onepauly said:

I like the part
the past will not repeat itself.
only memories in our minds
can keep us in touch.

May 1st, 2018 14:11

Ugh, Feelings
Christina8 said:

\"hoping the past will not repeat again\", I think a lot of us can relate to this feeling! I like that it ends on a happy note! Great poem!

May 1st, 2018 14:09

Childhood Hideaway

Thanks AZURA for sharing such a beautiful memory in such a beautiful POEM ! Love the structure 5 balanced quatrains with a consistent Rhyme Pattern xaxa xbxb etc. This gives it great flow and makes it a delight to recite ! Love the subject of the POEM ~ As a CHILD I had a secret place in a TREE in the local woods ! Yours as always BRIAN !

April 30th, 2018 10:56

Childhood Hideaway
Liam Lawless said:

Love this, great poem.

April 30th, 2018 09:32

Glitter Glue
Edthepoet said:

What\'s wrong with using the same rhyme twice? (Said the lyricist). \"Why isn\'t adhesion valued more than art\" got me thinking...don\'t explain your work.

January 26th, 2018 22:05

Repeat Repeat
Writings From The Unknown13 said:

this has so much power to it

October 5th, 2017 07:06

Tidal Wave
skyebellasario said:

this is beautiful

September 20th, 2017 13:20

Haunting Pain
skyebellasario said:

This is so descriptive, it\'s amazing!

September 18th, 2017 14:34

The Daydreamer
0ustpokenh3art said:

love it

September 11th, 2017 17:34

Egyptianqt79 said:


September 8th, 2017 12:36

Tale of Azuranna
Egyptianqt79 said:

Nice work

August 22nd, 2017 16:07

P.X. Vexxus said:

Reads like a song. A lot of repetition, but it works. Good write.

August 21st, 2017 07:44

Death\'s Embrace
Azura Nightsong said:

Thank you!

August 20th, 2017 09:33

Death\'s Embrace
malubotelho said:

Beautiful dark writing. Truly poetic words. Enjoyed reading very much.

August 20th, 2017 08:59

Withdrawal\'s Lament
Louis Gibbs said:

There\'s a theory that all wounds are self-inflicted, as part of learning what we came to learn. Addiction and it\'s aftermath would certainly fall into this category. Strong poem depicting the struggle, Azura!

August 14th, 2017 08:38

Stained Glass Wings
Sugiura Asuna said:

Amazing lines, and even better imagery!

August 12th, 2017 19:02

Love is
myself and me said:

The sour does start with sweet. Nice expression.

August 11th, 2017 22:55

Creative State

Some days AZURA I too feel like my Mirror Image where L is R & R is L on worse days ~ I am my Mirror Image. Thanks for sharing & caring ~ love all the pictures your poems paint ~ infinite ~ Love you too ~ Yours BRIAN

August 10th, 2017 14:13

Creative State
Louis Gibbs said:

A stunning description of vision beyond this realm, this particular version of a reality! So well expressed in your poem, Azura. It\'s not an easy thing to deal with, is it. Congratulations!

August 10th, 2017 10:55

Creative State
orchidee said:

A fine write. Erm, I didn\'t get far looking in the mirror. It cracked when it saw me! doh! heehee.
But \'recreational drugs\', as you imply, are a no-no, I think. Could cause all sorts of troubles.

August 10th, 2017 08:35

Creative State
Nicholas Browning said:


August 10th, 2017 07:06

Child of Night
Goldfinch60 said:

Very good write, the darkness of the day can have a very strong impact on us all.

August 10th, 2017 00:27

Child of Night
Tony36 said:

Beautiful write

August 9th, 2017 14:37

Child of Night
Louis Gibbs said:

Yes, I enjoyed it quite a bit in fact. Very well written piece, Azura!

August 9th, 2017 08:02

why does he still haunt me?
myself and me said:

The ghost will be burned by the Sun, once you are completely out of the shadow. A powerful poem.

August 8th, 2017 15:12

why does he still haunt me?
Tony36 said:

Wow, so emotional. Great write

August 8th, 2017 13:15

why does he still haunt me?

AZURA ~ BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY 15 AND STILL AT SCHOOL ~ THIS MADE ME CRY ! In one of your comments you mentioned you had been RAPED so I read this as as your account of that and its aftermath. You did \"Lose your innocence (virginity) without being loved\" and that is so regrettable and for you unforgettable ! For a Male our first full coitus is positive \"A rite of passage into Manhood\" for a Female losing (or surrendering your precious virginity) is psychological as well as physiological and it moves you into another sexual dimension. If it is taken from you forcibly (RAPE) at much too young an age it is an horrendous unforgivable crime ~ most Men don\'t understand the damage they inflict ~ especially on a Young Virgin ~ Castration is too good for them they should be sent to the \"electric chair\" ! I have counselled young Female Adults at College and their experiences mirrors yours. You are Young ~ Smart ~ Beautiful and my prayer for you Azura is that God will give you some release from your horrible memories and fears ! Thinking of you ~ Your MPS Friend ~ BRIAN

August 8th, 2017 07:53

why does he still haunt me?
malubotelho said:

Azura, such a beautiful name. Blue is my favorite color. If you wrote this talking about a situation you were in I have to say I\'m sorry for you. But I\'m sorry for anyone that was in this situation. How sad. This is torture. I hope weren\'t you. I hope you are like me that have a simple life and have the need to create fantasy to entertain. In either way it is a beautiful writing.

August 8th, 2017 07:33

Heather T said:

Stark and amazing images! Great write.

August 7th, 2017 19:28

ShannonXx said:

Really enjoyed reading this!

August 7th, 2017 08:24

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