Comments received on poems by Quemis

Neville said:

these fine words deserve much praise indeed.. here.. accept mine... thoroughly enjoyed, cheers

December 22nd, 2018 08:07

Jon Nakapalau said:

Very nice flow - took me away.

October 11th, 2018 16:33

dusk arising said:

Outstanding! I must find and read more of your work.
Took my mind to further places. Worthy of many re-reads and contemplation.
Most definitely going into my favourites.

October 4th, 2018 02:13

Let Me Back Into the Sun.
Edthepoet said:

Holy effing s*** this is great poetry!

October 3rd, 2018 12:22

orchidee said:

A fine write P, as it scales down gradually!

September 29th, 2018 10:32

Netashi said:

Intriguing way of writing a poem, keep up the fascinating work

September 28th, 2018 12:52

Kill Me if You can
a__pott said:

Dark and beautiful. Your poem is easy to appreciate.

September 10th, 2018 21:26

Kill Me if You can
The Gifted One said:

Very short and to the point. I loved it

The Gifted One

September 10th, 2018 13:30

Crystal Hope said:

Great description on this one. Good choice of words

August 11th, 2018 00:43

sylviasearcher said:

Thank you for sharing this.

I love the line lie yourself to sleep

Today I am waking up

July 11th, 2018 01:56

Mirror Mirror
HangingbyaHalo said:

Your words captivate me. Leaving me on the edge of my seat for the next line. This is wonderful!

May 26th, 2018 08:18

Talk the Talk
orchidee said:

You talking that talk there?!

May 3rd, 2018 02:04

Velvetlascivious said:

Yes definitely a compliment and a bit of speechlessness.. I haven\'t been on here in awhile but every time I happen back, I re read this one, this little light we cradle is a dance I love to burn.. I adore this line. And I can feel the way you love her. You have a beautiful way with words that always leaves me in awe and wanting more.

April 16th, 2018 11:54

sylviasearcher said:

This is very well written. I am I\'m awe at proper word artists

April 4th, 2018 02:37

Velvetlascivious said:


November 26th, 2017 00:59

A Hymn for the deathless
Alex Arnot said:

Spectacular! The language, the message, all fantastic!

August 25th, 2017 12:15

A Hymn for the deathless
WriteBeLight said:

True about the resignation to a culture of fear. You have grasped human nature so well Psentinel. You are very wise.

August 25th, 2017 11:48

I can\'t wait to be an old man
Accidental Poet said:

Now is the time to make the memories you\'ll smile of later on. Another great write.

August 3rd, 2017 17:56

Sharp Stone Syllables
Accidental Poet said:

In one of your reply notes you said that you do care. Caring about people is where it all begins. Eventually the rest will fall into place over time. You do have a talent for writing.

August 3rd, 2017 17:52

I can\'t wait to be an old man
orchidee said:

A couple of lines in your poem seem to maybe hint at the difficulties of old age:
Write it in large font - not seeing too well?
Rigid mind - not thinking so clearly?
A jig I cannot hear - not hearing too well?
Of course, not all these things happen to EVERY old person. Some may not even experience any of these things, nor similar things.

August 1st, 2017 12:50

I can\'t wait to be an old man
orchidee said:

A fine write - should be ticked as 18+, I think. Even though the frustration etc, may make the F-words permissible here.
Yet that\'s life, for all of us. None get any younger.

August 1st, 2017 08:39

I can\'t wait to be an old man
WriteBeLight said:

Pretty deep Psentinel, but enjoy the ride in the meantime :)

August 1st, 2017 08:08

Impending Bloom
kevin browne said:

a good strong message with \'more behind the scenes\' than we think. I love this verse, its compelling, it holds its own and you know nobody will ever knock this one over. good write.

June 21st, 2017 14:23

Augustus said:

About authenticity, often challenging to find in another. Enjoyed.

May 25th, 2017 12:00


Very Very Well Written..Your work always amazes me brutha....another brilliant masterpiece...

May 25th, 2017 04:21

Lore Lights
birddog3553 said:


April 26th, 2017 23:07

The Ankh of Memory
Velvetlascivious said:

Seriously amazing.

April 20th, 2017 15:29

Lore Lights
Alex Arnot said:

It\'s pretty rare to see a poem with so much alliteration. This is great!

April 9th, 2017 19:38

Lore Lights
WriteBeLight said:

Great job with the words. Just seem to roll and flow so well!

April 9th, 2017 07:10

Lore Lights
orchidee said:

Can I alliterate a lot in aspiring to appreciate this aration (oration)? Doh! Nope, I can\'t match your poem. Only if I have too many sherries, then every word ends in \'ish\'! heehee.

April 8th, 2017 14:47

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