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Poetess: that most profound, Lioness
Parisab said:

And I’ll huff and puff: which breaks the glass of the literary sayings-since so many women all over the world who can only “whisper” unnoticeable cries, inside-Thank you for the shout out to your proud poetess sisters Sir LB Mek!

July 17th, 2023 22:00

Poetess: that most profound, Lioness
sorenbarrett said:

“In the kind of whisper that wouldn’t fog glass”
What an opening line! It sets the tone.
The entire third stanza is replete with poetic images.
\"Eyebrows as my fingertips\"
another great line.
\"her artistry’s lava brush strokes\"
I feel bathed in a plethora of wonderful poetic images.

July 17th, 2023 06:20

Poetess: that most profound, Lioness
LIZ said:

I...don\'t even know where to begin. A bow to you! Thank you for appreciating us! Being an inspiration to someone is such an incredible you possess.

“In the kind of whisper that wouldn’t fog glass”- this reminds me of Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin.
\"I trust, belatedly\"- this hit home for me!! It\'s like you\'re reading my heart...caressing the empty pages, and filling it with understanding and...acceptance.

\"Yet, within her poetry’s vivid imagery
All possibility suddenly feels palpably, connate\"- right back at you!!!!
NOW, my favorite part: \"This intuit chemistry is more accurately A communion, Poesy as conduit
Two strangers pulsing at a wavelength
So undeniably n subtly attuned
It feels like in a past life I must have been Crimson ink\"-Sharing Red and purple intimate thoughts...feelings, on a deep spiritual...almost surreal (fantasy) level. Like we\'ve already met, and know all our secrets!

Stand up poetry...something I would love to do one day! Once again, you\'ve outdone yourself! Keep shining bright!


July 17th, 2023 03:53

Poetess: that most profound, Lioness
Poetic Dan said:

Wow.. that was a truly brilliant read but the video! She gave my goosebumps, goosebumps and sent me to somewhere lol

Thank you for sharing my friend

July 17th, 2023 03:32

Poetess: that most profound, Lioness
Jerry Wayne Lawrence said:

Good Read, Brother:L.B. Indeed, Our Ladiez Of Poetry R Something Mighty Serious. Stay Peaceful, Friend.

July 17th, 2023 01:49

Poetess: that most profound, Lioness
Teddy.15 said:

Well of course you are truly spoilt for choice dearest MeK. LoL

Eyebrows as my fingertips

Each syllable I read, as if a worded silk caress

Unveiling my hidden parts

As ever your poetic pen wins a huge round of applause from me, exquisite in talent ❤️

July 17th, 2023 01:40

of Uncertain, vigil’s
Kinsey Peterson said:

i\'m quite fascinated by your society here- some amazing writers (of course including the brilliant penman known as L. B. Mek) ;)

June 26th, 2023 14:23

of Inclusivity
Poetic Dan said:

We all laugh, bleed and cry! The rest as you say, is our shade to paint! All with the same goal to live without fear and pain! Life is definitely hard enough without getting in each others way....

May your words of wisdom blow on to keep this slow rhythm of change, until we all find that place where music and art are the only expressions needed to capture or release the human spirit we try so hard to contain!

Inspirational as ever
Write on dear brother

June 9th, 2023 05:36

of Inclusivity
jarcher54 said:

So strange that some US states are outlawing \"diversity, equality. and inclusivity\" efforts in colleges, schools, government agencies, even private businesses. Thanks for reminding us. Tolerance is a beautiful idea, and a beautiful word.

June 7th, 2023 11:45

of Inclusivity
tommytoons said:

Indeed, our differences, no matter what they may be makes us who we are. It is what people love about each other.

June 6th, 2023 20:13

of Inclusivity
Bella Shepard said:

My dearest friend as I read I cannot stop the tears of gratitude rolling down my face, nor do I want to. I feel such a sense of relief in the words that have poured out of your loving and generous heart, they speak the truth of human existence, we are one.
\"If we but acknowledge
Surviving, life
Is hard enough for most of us
Without, becoming obstacles
To each other\". This should be our mantra, repeated dozens of times each day, passed from generation to generation. Dear poet your compassion and generosity of spirit is all encompasing, would that it could be an elixer for all the world. How many fav\'s can I give you, 100 wouldn\'t be enough.

June 6th, 2023 14:16

of Inclusivity
John Prophet said:

It’s when some tell others to take a knee is when pushback ensues.
Wonderful ✍️

June 6th, 2023 06:23

of Inclusivity
Goldfinch60 said:

Fine words Mek and so true.


June 6th, 2023 00:29

of Inclusivity
sorenbarrett said:

\'twould be a better world indeed should we all feel this way. Stuck in a survivalist privative stage of our development we lash out with violence, greed, prejudice, need for power and hate. In our ignorance and blind arrogance we crush the very humanity that we profess. I am with you all the way my friend.

June 5th, 2023 06:27

of Inclusivity
LIZ said:

This one hits hard! RESPECT-\"there is room enough for all of us\"- Being respectful doesn\'t cost a thing! \"Our different shades, allowing us to paint\" I love this! Thank you for sharing!

June 5th, 2023 02:02

of Inclusivity
2781 said:

True. We ultimately hurt ourselves.

June 5th, 2023 01:38

If I be remembered let it be: Kindness that names me
Mottakeenur Rehman said:

It is a beautifully crafted meditation on the human desire for connection and recognition, and the struggle to come to terms with our own limitations.

April 10th, 2023 12:50

If I be remembered let it be: Kindness that names me
sorenbarrett said:

L.B. some time ago you wrote that you were thinking the same thought I expressed in a poem. Today this very thought I too was sorking on for my next. What alignment of stars is this. Your beautiful words in this piece humble me and it struck to my very heart. So true what we leave behind is a memory and if this can be one of kindness one can ask for nothing better.

April 10th, 2023 08:33

If I be remembered let it be: Kindness that names me
Neville said:

yes, truly amazing, I see what you mean and think similarly ..

and yes again, kindness is one helluva maligned and oft misunderstood word that needs to be elevated to somewhere near the very top of highest tops ... Neville

April 10th, 2023 05:00

Dear Mama
NafisaSB said:

it\'s so true that mothers give their all, but their love and sacrifice is rarely recognized until it is no longer there..lovely poem, thanks for sharing

April 1st, 2023 01:23

Dear Mama
Neville said:

please note the date of this entry .. 28.03.2023 .. please also note, this is not a late wind up .. but rather an unavoidable delayed written response to an abjectly necessary poem and on a matter/issue and subject with which I not only naturally concur, appreciate and enjoyed .. but one that also near drew a tear from both my eyes upon my thinking back on my own mother ..
and therefore, I would much prefer my words here be seen as an early scribble on the matter for 2024 ......... Neville

March 28th, 2023 05:28

Dear Mama
thinkerbell said:

Motherly love is so tender and so beautiful altogether 🥰

March 18th, 2023 06:04

Dear Mama
mvvenkataraman said:

Remarkable poem in my view,
Great encomiums are due,
For your talent, I admire you,
A mother is there to rescue!

March 17th, 2023 11:17

Dear Mama
arqios said:

Mother\'s day will be soon upon us again!

March 17th, 2023 09:57

Dear Mama
sorenbarrett said:

Motherly love us men have a hard time understanding or appreciating. Too late in life I saw this. This unconditional love that seems almost universal amoungst all living things. A wonderful write.

March 17th, 2023 09:46

Love: Connate
sorenbarrett said:

L.B. A very classical touch to this poem on such a widely spoken topic. Yet hidden here in colors vivid and bright is the message to not restrict love from any but let it extend under the rainbow. Very nicely done.

February 17th, 2023 06:08

Dawning of Open-Sourced Inevitabilities
NewWolf said:

You too my friend are not sleep at all.
\"They\'re going to make us beg them to do it\"
I agree . this whole poem/letter says, There are woke people out there to me and I gotta say be safe out there. They\'re putting the crazy in plain sight now.

February 16th, 2023 20:26

Dawning of Open-Sourced Inevitabilities
2781 said:

He that sits in the heavens shall laugh.

February 13th, 2023 04:55

of Geometrical Substance or Mode
sorenbarrett said:

Wise words L.B. wisdom poors from your mouth like it did from his but so few that are willing to take the time and perservere to the end of what is needed to understand. It is your method that I have used over the years to pass exams, learn music, appreciate books and live life. You\'r last stanza rings with poetic words of truth. This one struck a chord in me that is still reverberating.

February 3rd, 2023 05:48

Dawning of Open-Sourced Inevitabilities
Doggerel Dave said:

No wish to engage here Mek, but just to add that I\'ve read it, appreciated it and taken it seriously.

January 30th, 2023 21:53

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