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Latest published poems

July 2nd

22:17 Naming, by satishverma

July 1st

22:14 Occupation, by satishverma

June 29th

19:40 Disbelievingly, by satishverma

June 28th

19:49 Soaked In Blood, by satishverma

June 27th

19:40 Silent Prayers, by satishverma

June 26th

22:20 Issueless, by satishverma

3:40 GRANDPARENTS, by sudarshan

June 25th

19:49 Fluting, by satishverma

June 24th

22:33 Beauty Of Pain, by satishverma

3:38 Detective Duncan, by sudarshan

June 23rd

22:34 Cocktail, by satishverma

June 22nd

22:06 Spinning, by satishverma

June 21st

21:37 Mosaic, by satishverma

June 20th

22:32 Moon’s Shadow, by satishverma

June 19th

22:22 Hiding, by satishverma

June 17th

0:27 Unattended, by satishverma

June 15th

23:11 Blood Fruits, by satishverma

June 14th

22:12 Party, by satishverma

June 13th

22:10 Memory Walk, by satishverma

June 12th

22:21 Interrupted, by satishverma

June 11th

22:14 Cleansing, by satishverma

June 10th

22:08 The Ritual, by satishverma

June 9th

22:18 No Rescue, by satishverma

June 8th

23:53 On The Edge, by satishverma

June 7th

22:06 Trailblazer, by satishverma

June 6th

22:05 Stone Catchers, by satishverma

June 5th

22:22 Pink Reminder, by satishverma

June 4th

22:20 Identically, by satishverma

June 3rd

22:07 Curbing, by satishverma

15:54 In My Dreams, by alexbanner First poem published by this users on My poetic side

Directory of Poetry


Alexander Macgregor Rose Poems

Published by Joanne

AMRAlexander Macgregor Rose was a 19th century Scottish-born poet, journalist, Free Church minister and teacher who lived the last twenty years or so of his life in first New York City and then in two Canadian cities. He moved first to Toronto and then spent the last two years of his life in Montreal.

He was born on the 17th August 1846 in the small town of Tomantoul, Banffshire which is in the far north of Scotland. He received a good education and attended the University of Aberdeen, graduating from there at the age of 21. Within three years he was Master of the Free Church School in the Ross-shire town of Gairloch. His faith though was strong enough to fuel ambitions to be a minister of the church and he gave up teaching, returning to Aberdeen for a four-year course of study …

Latest fusioned poems

June 9th

22:30 Roses are red, started by fullerg First poem published by this users on My poetic side

March 22nd

23:06 Walking The Sidewalks Of Brooklyn, started by bigwolf

March 10th

11:00 The Morning, started by bigwolf

August 16th

16:00 Stare, started by ianhm

June 22nd

9:30 you and me, started by rajat mahaych

November 18th

10:00 aspired prince, started by sarah

November 5th

23:00 First Love, started by shubert

October 17th

22:30 Jane Smile, started by SauravRHS

April 23rd

17:00 In my direction., started by Lifewellspoken

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Directory of Poetry


Albert Ferland Poems

Published by Joanne

AlbAlbert Ferland was a French-Canadian poet and illustrator. Born in the late 19th century he was known to be a sensitive man who always sought out the company of fellow writers and artist. He did not have the advantage of a good education, coming from a relatively modest background, but through reading copiously and much private study he taught himself the skills required to be a highly competent poet and artist.

He was born on the 23rd August 1872 in the Canadian city of Montreal. His father was engaged in the mineral water industry and Albert joined him for a short time in this field having abandoned his education at an early stage to do so. He had ambitions to be a poet though and his work was of a high enough standard to merit publication in magazines such as Le Monde Illustré. …


Alfred Domett Poems

Published by Joanne

domettAlfred Domett was a 19th century English poet who also led a distinguished life as a colonial politician in New Zealand. For his work there he was awarded the CMG, the Companion Order of St Michael and St George, which was particularly in recognition of his time as Premier of the country. In almost thirty years of residence there he was a pioneering, sensitive politician and he wrote a great deal about the Maori people of the islands.

Domett was born on the 20th May 1811 in Camberwell Grove, a small Surrey town in the south east of England. He had a comfortable home life as the fourth son of a ship owner. He was well educated, including a period at St John’s College, Cambridge. He left there in 1833 and, two years later, decided to pursue a legal career at Middle Temple …


Albert Benjamin Simpson Poems

Published by Joanne

ABSAlbert Benjamin Simpson, often referred to as simply A B Simpson, was a famous Canadian evangelical minister whose major achievement was the founding of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (generally known as the C&MA). When he set about the creation of this organisation in the 19th century his vision was that it should become simply a movement in world evangelism. The C&MA would eventually play a leading role in evangelism worldwide. As well as being a popular theologian Simpson was a prolific writer of hymns and it is believed that he wrote at least 120 with 77 of them eventually being published in a 1962 collection of C&MA hymns called Hymns of the Christian Life.

He was born in Cavendish, a town on Prince Edward Island on the 15th December 1843 into a strict Calvinist household. His parents were of the Scottish Presbyterian …


Alfred Comyn Lyall Poems

Published by Joanne

AlfAlfred Comyn Lyall was an English poet and historian who had a distinguished civil service career, much of which was spent serving in India and which led to his eventual appointment to the Privy Council. His time there prompted him to write a great deal about the history of the Indian sub-continent and his literary achievements won him a number of decorations and honorary degrees.

He was born on the 4th January 1835 in the Surrey town of Coulsdon into a comfortable family environment. He went to school at Eton and then on to Haileybury College. By this time he already had ambitions to follow his elder brother who was serving in the Indian Civil Service and, in 1856, he travelled to Calcutta where he undertook several months training. On completion of this he was posted to Bulandshahr in Doab, located in the …

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