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Today in history

  • 1248

    Jalaluddin Rumi: On the 5th of December 1248 Rumi and Shams talk [Konya, Turkey]

  • 1784

    Phillis Wheatley: Not used to the physical work at the boarding house, Wheatley soon fell ill and developed pneumonia. She died in December 1784 after giving birth to a daughter. She was just 31 at the time. [Boston, Massachusetts, United States]

  • 1830

    Christina Georgina Rossetti: Christina Georgina Rossetti was born in 1830 in London. Her father was Gabriel Rossetti who was a poet and political exile and her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti was one of the most influential poets of the Victorian era. [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1931

    Vachel Lindsay: On December the 5th, 1931 Vachel Lindsay passes away at the age of 52 [Springfield, Illinois, United States]

  • 1960

    Roald Dahl: On the 5th of December 1960, four-month-old Theo Dahl is severely injured when his baby carriage was struck by a taxicab in New York City [New York, United States]

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