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Latest published poems

March 30th

23:40 WHERE HE WAS, by satishverma

March 29th

22:50 …… OF HUMANITY, by satishverma

March 28th

23:19 FALLING CRUMBS, by satishverma

March 25th

21:08 WHEN NIGHT WEEPS, by satishverma

March 24th

21:16 MISSING PORTRAIT, by satishverma

March 23rd

22:34 YOU, by satishverma

March 22nd

22:49 GO AWAY, by satishverma

March 21st

22:29 INNOCENCE, by satishverma

March 20th

0:34 QUESTION, ANSWER, by satishverma

March 18th

22:56 WHAT ENDING?, by satishverma

March 17th

21:07 …… MUST UNBELIEVE, by satishverma

March 16th

21:23 …… Distant Shores, by satishverma

March 15th

22:43 YOU AND EVERYBODY, by satishverma

March 14th

22:50 THE SPIRIT, by satishverma

March 13th

22:50 REVOCATION, by satishverma

March 12th

23:54 ANNIVERSARY, by satishverma

March 11th

22:38 …… STUNNED ME, by satishverma

March 10th

22:47 REVEALATION, by satishverma

March 9th

23:20 LONE JOURNEY, by satishverma

March 8th

22:39 MORSELS, by satishverma

March 7th

22:53 RETREAT, by satishverma

March 6th

23:29 …… SMALL GODS, by satishverma

March 5th

22:02 WISH RAGS, by satishverma

March 4th

22:10 TREE FALL, by satishverma

March 2nd

21:56 MICROPAINS, by satishverma

March 1st

22:43 NO ANSWER, by satishverma

February 28th

22:33 DUST, by satishverma

February 27th

22:52 HAPPY VALLEY OF STINGS, by satishverma

February 26th

22:49 PICK UP THE DAWN, by satishverma

February 25th

22:37 THE HEALER, by satishverma

Directory of Poetry


Austin Dobson Poems

Published by Steven

Austin DobsonBorn in Plymouth in the South of England in 1840, poet Henry Austin Dobson became one of the most distinguished writers of the 19th Century with works such as At the Sign of the Lyre as well as a series of later biographies of influential writers. His father was an engineer with French ancestry and the family moved to Anglesey in Wales when Dobson was just eight years old.

He attended school in Beaumaris before continuing his education in Coventry and traveling abroad to the Strasbourg Gymnase. By the time he was 16 Dobson still had no clear idea of what he wanted to do with his life, intending first to train as an engineer like his father but also attending an art school in the Kensington area of London.

He joined the Board of Trade working for in the harbors authority and …

Latest fusioned poems

June 9th

22:30 Roses are red, started by fullerg First poem published by this users on My poetic side

March 22nd

23:06 Walking The Sidewalks Of Brooklyn, started by bigwolf

March 10th

11:00 The Morning, started by bigwolf

August 16th

16:00 Stare, started by ianhm

June 22nd

9:30 you and me, started by rajat mahaych

November 18th

10:00 aspired prince, started by sarah

November 5th

23:00 First Love, started by shubert

October 17th

22:30 Jane Smile, started by SauravRHS

April 23rd

17:00 In my direction., started by Lifewellspoken

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Directory of Poetry


Andrew Young Poems

Published by Steven

Andrew YoungBorn in 1885 in Elgin, Scotland, Andrew Young was a poet and minister who, while less well known than some of his literary peers, produced a large body of work that has appeared in several anthologies over the years. His father was a station master and the family moved to Edinburgh when Young was only two years old.

After going to Gillespie’s School he transferred to the Royal High School and was an excellent good student, earning a place at Edinburgh University. There he studied the classics and also fine art which saw him spend a year in Paris where he had to live hand to mouth for much of the time. In 1910 he published his first collection of poetry, Songs of Night, with the financial help of his father.

Young initially intended to train in the legal profession but his brother …


Andrew Lang Poems

Published by Steven

Andrew LangPoet, critic and writer Andrew Lang was born in Selkirk in 1844 and had many interests that ranged from folklore and psychic phenomena to the Greek classics and journalism. Although not coming from an exceedingly well to do family for the time, and being the oldest child of eight, Lang did benefit from a good education and went onto become one of the most prolific writers Scotland has ever produced.

He attended grammar school in his home town of Selkirk before going to the Edinburgh Academy and earning a place at the prestigious University of St Andrews. From there he went on to Oxford where he further studied the classics such as Homer as well as the poetry of France. By this time he was also writing his own compositions and his first published effort in 1872 went under the title of …


Amelia Opie Poems

Published by Steven

Amelia OpieBorn in 1769 in Norwich, writer Ameila Opie was perhaps best known for her prose work but also published a number of individual poems and collections during her lifetime. She was brought up in a reasonably affluent family, her father was a physician and her cousin a prominent judge in the region. She was a fervently political individual at a time when this was not fashionable and inherited her radical views from her father.

Opie wrote from an early age and composed her first novel called The Dangers of Coquetry when she was just 18. The book was published anonymously in 1790 and marked the start of a distinguished writing career that would span the next 40 years. Her literary circle expanded when, in 1794, she began making regular trips from Norwich to London.

There Opie came into contact with some of the …


Alec Derwent Hope Poems

Published by Steven

Alec Derwent HopeBorn in 1907 in the Snowy Mountain region of New South Wales, Alec Derwent Hope was a prolific Australian poet and satirical writer. His father was a minister and the young Hope spent his education at Fort Street School for Boys in Sydney and then moved on to take a BA at the nearby university.

After winning a scholarship, Hope found himself heading to England and a place at Oxford University though his studies did not go as well as he expected. He left Oxford with a third class degree and returned to Australia in the early part of 1931. Hope trained to be a teacher though it was a while before he decided to settle down.

He was a published poet from a young age but it would be some time before he decided to produce an initial collection of his …

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