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Latest published poems

April 11th

22:34 EMPTINESS WAS SCREAMING, by satishverma

April 10th

22:29 CARRIED MY FATHER UNSIDE, by satishverma

April 9th

22:54 WHITE ROSES, by satishverma

April 8th

22:32 WANDERING FAKIR, by satishverma

April 7th

23:57 YOU BECOME A STRANGER, by satishverma

April 6th

22:28 MOTH-EATEN, by satishverma

April 5th

22:40 EGOCENTRIC WIND, by satishverma

10:46 My Soul and God's Role, by mvvenkataraman +18

4:16 friends .... the spice of life ., by disha pothagevan

April 4th

22:28 TIMELESS AFFAIR, by satishverma

3:43 my soul my parents, by disha pothagevan

April 3rd

22:35 THE VACANT FRAME, by satishverma

April 2nd

22:16 IN THE INTERMITTENT LOVE, by satishverma

April 1st

22:21 SHADOWS ARE THINNING, by satishverma

March 31st

22:33 A CUCKOO SINGS, by satishverma

March 30th

23:00 HELIX NOW UNCOILS, by satishverma

March 29th

22:29 UNLEARNING, by satishverma

March 28th

0:00 CELEBRATING MY DEFEAT, by satishverma

March 26th

22:36 WINDOWS ARE NOT SUPPORTING, by satishverma

March 25th

23:07 FROM DEATH TO DEATH, by satishverma

March 24th

20:52 CATCH THE SUNSET, by satishverma

March 22nd

0:50 UNFOG THE SKY, by satishverma

March 17th

22:05 A HYBRID OF MAN, by satishverma

March 16th

21:16 FATIGUE OF WASTED YEARS, by satishverma

March 15th

19:58 I WAS ALWAYS ANGRY, by satishverma

13:23 Worth, by Cali Kittana

March 14th

0:36 FEATURELESS AND WHITE, by satishverma

March 11th

21:16 NOWHERE IN SIGHT, by satishverma

March 10th

23:10 A HANDFUL OF VICTORIES, by satishverma

March 9th

22:59 DESERTED WASTELAND, by satishverma

Directory of Poetry


Rabindranath Tagore Poems

Published by Scott B.

tagoreRabindranath Tagore was born in 1861 in the vast city of Calcutta. His Brahman family was wealthy and prominent; his father, Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, was a scholar and religious reformer. Sarada Devi, his mother, died when he was just a young boy — when her body was carried out through the courtyard and then burned, was when he first realized that his mother would never return. His family were pioneers within the Bengal Renaissance, making great efforts to combine their traditional culture from India with those of the Western.
Tagore, the youngest of his family, began composing poetry at the young age of eight. His earliest education was provided by tutors, followed then by a variety of schools including one year at a college in London. By 1883, he had married and had three daughters and two sons, all from his only …

Latest fusioned poems

March 22nd

23:06 Category: Unclassified
Rating: 7/10 (1 votes) | 36 views | 2 comments | 2 favorites
Walking The Sidewalks Of Brooklyn
, started by bigwolf

March 10th

11:00 Category: Unclassified
Rating: 6/10 (1 votes) | 67 views | 2 comments | 1 favorites
The Morning
, started by bigwolf

August 16th

16:00 Category: Unclassified
Rating: 8/10 (1 votes) | 18 views | 1 comments
, started by ianhm

June 22nd

9:30 Comment from author about the poem: this poem is a about two persons, you and me. Its totally a philosophical work. You need to think more and more to write over it
Category: Special occasion
44 views | 1 comments
you and me
, started by rajat mahaych

November 18th

10:00 Comment from author about the poem: write how you feel about your crush whom you feel is the ultimate person in your life
Category: Love
50 views | 0 comments | 1 favorites
aspired prince
, started by sarah

November 5th

23:00 Category: Unclassified
Rating: 8/10 (1 votes) | 110 views | 1 comments
First Love
, started by shubert

October 17th

22:30 Comment from author about the poem: Rhyme scheme- abac. 4 lines per stanza.
Category: Unclassified
Rating: 6.5/10 (2 votes) | 56 views | 2 comments | 2 favorites
Jane Smile
, started by SauravRHS

April 23rd

17:00 Category: Love
172 views | 0 comments | 2 favorites
In my direction.
, started by Lifewellspoken

April 10th

6:00 Category: Unclassified
155 views | 0 comments | 1 favorites
unknown way
, started by rajat mahaych

April 4th

22:00 Comment from author about the poem: STICK TO THE TITLE "JUST BECAUSE"
Category: Love
257 views | 0 comments | 2 favorites
, started by forlorn impostor

Directory of Poetry


Easter Poems

Published by Scott B.

tombEaster is one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar. From a theological point of view, this day marks the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, whom the Christians believe was the Son of God. He came to Earth to live among the people, teaching them and providing them with an example of how they should live their lives. He spent three years going about the cities and towns along the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. He taught in the synagogues to the learned Jewish leaders and to the common people who lived along the streets. His ministry included healing people from all manner of sickness and injury, providing food for the masses, driving out evil spirits from the wandering souls in cemeteries and other public places. He had gained a great reputation as a healer, and people flocked …


Poems on Beauty

Published by Scott B.

TearDropLike any discussion about something, the first thing you need to do is define what you’re talking about. It can be difficult enough when talking about something that people generally agree on, but take a topic that is very subjective, and you’ll likely never come to a full agreement. For instance, what is ‘beauty’? This is probably one of the most subjective, individualistic concepts that man has ever come up with. The reality is, beauty can be found any place we look. We can see beauty in a flower, in someone’s smile — we can even see it in something like a tear. This later one we usually look away from, as seeing someone cry usually makes us feel uncomfortable — and it’s not something we would think of look at to find beauty. Yet, if we looked long enough, we …


Malayalam Poems

Published by Scott B.

kumaranasanThere are so many interesting languages and dialects throughout the world, it seems impossible to ever know even a little about each one. Yet, each and every one of those languages and dialects has some fascinating lessons to teach us. For instance, on the continent of India, there are a multitude of languages, and one of those is Malayalam. This language, which is the official language of the Kerala region, was just recently named as a classical language by the government of India. That’s really a special denotation for a language, as it speaks both of its history as well as of its value to the people and of the culture of that region. While many of us have never heard of this language before, it is spoken by over thirty three million people. It’s roots go back to at least …


Poems With Alliteration

Published by Scott B.

bellsThere are many different literary devices used by authors and poets to help create interest and creativity I their writings. Whether it’s the use of metaphors or similes, foreshadowing or flashbacks, or various rhythm or rhyming schemes, they all help the writer to produce enjoyable works of written art. One of the many literary tools used, especially in poetry, is alliteration. There are also two related devices that can be compared to alliteration — in fact they are often one in the same, yet, they can be isolated and recognized for their own unique contributions.

Alliteration is essentially the repetition of the beginning sounds of adjoining or neighboring words in a line of verse. Then there is assonance, which is the repetition of the vowel sounds in adjoining or neighboring words. The other related idea is consonance, which is the repetition of …

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