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Today in history

  • 1592

    John Donne: On the 6th of May 1592 Donne is admitted to Lincoln's Inn, one of the Inns of Court [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1800

    William Blake: On the 6th of May 1800, four days after the death of Hayley's son. Blake writes a letter of condolence to William Hayley [London, United Kingdom]

  • 1825

    Anne Brontë: On the 6th of May 1825 Brontes sister Maria passes away [Thornton, West Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom]

  • 1847

    William Cullen Bryant: On the 6th of May 1847 Bryant's mother Sarah passes away [New York, United States]

  • 1862

    Ralph Waldo Emerson: Emerson's protege Henry David Thoreau died at the age of 44 from tuberculosis. Emerson read the eulogy at his funeral. [Boston, Massachusetts, United States]

  • 1862

    Henry David Thoreau: Thoreau's health had declined, suffering as he was from tuberculosis. He accepted death quite calmly and when asked if he had made peace with God, he was quoted as saying "I did not know we had ever quarreled." He died in 1862 at the age of just 44. [Concord, Massachusetts, United States]

  • 1914

    Robinson Jeffers: On the 6th of May 1914 Jeffers daughter Maev passes away [La Jolla, California, United States]

  • 1914

    Randall Jarrell: On May the 6th, 1914 Randall Jarrell is born in Nashville, Tennessee [Nashville, Tennessee, United States]

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