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Latest published poems

October 29th

22:46 THE TERRAIN, by satishverma

October 28th

22:53 RESURRECTION, by satishverma

October 27th

23:12 PSYCHOLOGICAL DYING, by satishverma

October 26th

23:56 ON THE JAGGED STONES, by satishverma

October 25th

22:11 SPASTIC LEGS, by satishverma

October 24th

20:55 GENESIS, by satishverma

October 23rd

23:21 NAMASTE, by satishverma

October 22nd

17:13 Phi Phi Island, by Poeta de Cabra

October 21st

21:38 THE ENDING, by satishverma

October 20th

22:52 MOON RISE, by satishverma

October 19th

22:26 FEAR, by satishverma

October 18th

23:08 WAYWARD SON, by satishverma

October 17th

21:02 SUSPENDED EXECUTION, by satishverma

October 16th

19:23 MOTHER’S DAY, by satishverma

October 15th

23:23 ABSURDITY, by satishverma

20:12 Piece By Piece, by Midnight_26 First poem published by this users on My poetic side

October 14th

22:14 ULTIMATE DEATH, by satishverma

October 13th

21:53 SOME QUESTION MARKS, by satishverma

October 12th

22:37 SIGNATURES, by satishverma

October 11th

22:42 GALLOWS, by satishverma

October 10th

0:53 KILL, by satishverma

October 8th

22:49 THE SHELTER, by satishverma

October 7th

22:36 FLAME, by satishverma

October 6th

21:13 CROSSING TIME ZONES, by satishverma

October 5th

21:51 A HOT PATCH, by satishverma

October 4th

23:39 THE ANODYNE, by satishverma

October 3rd

23:45 THE SHOOTING STAR, by satishverma

11:00 Life and Strife are with Mysteries Rife, by mvvenkataraman +18

October 2nd

21:58 AWAY FROM THE HOME, by satishverma

October 1st

19:00 TRANSITIONAL EDGE, by satishverma

Directory of Poetry


Henry Howard Earl of Surrey Poems

Published by Steven

Henry Howard Earl of SurreyBorn around 1516 into an aristocratic family, Henry Howard helped to found a renaissance in English poetry. Distantly related to one of the wives of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, he was brought up in Windsor along with Henry Fitzroy with whom he had a long and enduring friendship. As a young man he grew up to be an able and brave soldier.

Howard traveled to France with Henry VIII and fought in the wars there but on his return was imprisoned several times, once for breaking the windows of houses on a London street. In 1524, when his grandfather died he had been made the Earl of Surrey and in 1532 he went to France where he stayed for a year, residing at the court of Francis I.

Along with Thomas Wyatt, Howard was the first to use the sonnet …

Latest fusioned poems

June 9th

22:30 Roses are red, started by fullerg First poem published by this users on My poetic side

March 22nd

23:06 Walking The Sidewalks Of Brooklyn, started by bigwolf

March 10th

11:00 The Morning, started by bigwolf

August 16th

16:00 Stare, started by ianhm

June 22nd

9:30 you and me, started by rajat mahaych

November 18th

10:00 aspired prince, started by sarah

November 5th

23:00 First Love, started by shubert

October 17th

22:30 Jane Smile, started by SauravRHS

April 23rd

17:00 In my direction., started by Lifewellspoken

[+ poems]

Directory of Poetry


Edith Wharton Poems

Published by Joanne

whartonEdith Wharton rose from her American middle-class, socialite origins to become a famous writer and the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Age of Innocence which was published in 1921. This story was later dramatized on film, the latest version being the Academy award-winning production in 1993 starring Daniel Day Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer. Another story, The House of Mirth, also received the Hollywood treatment. She was best known for her novels and short story writing but she also had three collections of poetry published between 1878 and 1926. Additionally, Edith was probably the first “homes and gardens guru” as she wrote a number of books on the subject of innovative designs in those areas. The fact that she was already an accomplished house and garden designer would probably explain why her first published work, in 1897, …


Ho Xuan Huong Poems

Published by Steven

Ho Xuan HuongBorn in 1772 towards the back end of the Le Dynasty in Vietnam, Ho Xuan Huong is considered one of the country’s greatest poets. Brought up at a time of turmoil and conflict, little is known about her life but her work earned her the title of The Queen of Nom Poetry. Considered one of the cultural icons of Vietnam, she was popular for her irreverent style and highly erotic verse that was often shocking for the times.

What we know of Ho Xuan Huong’s life occurs against a background of national turmoil and social discord. She spent her childhood in Hanoi and began writing poetry at an early age. She was popular for her humorous style and subtle verse from which we can discern that she may have been married on two occasions (her poems mention two separate husbands). Her …


Edith Nesbit Poems

Published by Joanne

nesbitEdith Nesbit was an English writer who used the shortened “E. Nesbit” on her book covers.  She was an active socialist who transferred her political ideals into her stories that were, on the whole, for children.  She did this by moving away from  children’s story telling methods used by the likes of Lewis Carroll and Kenneth Grahame.  These authors created alternative, fantasy worlds while Nesbit preferred her young readers to remain rooted in the “real world” most of the time.  Hence the story behind one of her most famous stories, The Railway Children, which was turned into a successful film in 1970.  Although a large part of her output was children’s stories she wrote a great deal of poetry as well plus a sprinkling of novels for adults, including a few horror stories.

Edith was born in August 1858 in Kennington, South London …


Harry Crosby Poems

Published by Steven

Harry CrosbyFrom a family of rich New England bankers, Harry Crosby was born in 1898 in Boston, a poet who came to epitomize what Ernest Hemingway described as the Lost Generation. He was brought up in the exclusivity of the Back Bay area of the city and his uncle was then one of the richest men in America. He lived a privileged youth in a large mansion, delighting in throwing water bombs off the top story at visiting guests.

Crosby was sent to public school and graduated from St Mark’s in 1917 while war raged across the Atlantic in Europe. Along with the likes of Hemingway, Cowley and Crane, he longed for something more exciting and on graduating left for France to serve in the American Field Service. He experienced action as an ambulance driver in the Battle of Verdun and his vehicle …

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