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Latest published poems

July 22nd

11:27 Heartless Alzheimer, by Shinoj Alex First poem published by this users on My poetic side

July 21st

23:51 GATHER THE SUN, by satishverma

July 20th

22:21 ENDING OF TIME?, by satishverma

July 19th

22:31 PASSION IS A HURRICANE, by satishverma

July 18th

20:29 SINGING DUST, by satishverma

July 17th

23:09 ALONE IN THE HEAT, by satishverma

July 16th

22:22 DARES THE STORM, by satishverma

July 15th

22:44 LIPS WILL MEASURE, by satishverma

July 14th

1:21 WAILING WINDOWS, by satishverma

July 12th

21:44 TO LAUGH OR TO WEEP, by satishverma

July 11th

21:06 STARED BLANKLY, by satishverma

July 8th

23:03 SUNRISE, by satishverma

July 7th

23:22 NAMELESS INTRUDERS, by satishverma

July 6th

22:51 LEGITIMACY, by satishverma

July 5th

22:52 SAVAGE FIRE, by satishverma

July 4th

23:22 PASSAGE TO UNKNOWN, by satishverma

July 3rd

23:07 INVERTED BODY, by satishverma

July 2nd

23:03 LUNAR TOUCH, by satishverma

July 1st

21:43 Like a Moonbeam, by satishverma

June 30th

23:19 DEAF CITY, by satishverma

June 29th

21:55 DEATH OF CALENDERS, by satishverma

June 28th

22:02 LOYAL TO DEATH, by satishverma

June 27th

22:08 SPIRAL DESCENT, by satishverma

June 26th

21:56 SPIDER, by satishverma

June 25th

22:15 SILENCE OF DOORS, by satishverma

June 24th

22:13 SONG ABOVE THE SORROW, by satishverma

June 23rd

22:50 STRANGE ENEMIES, by satishverma

June 22nd

22:45 SPARKS IN WOODS, by satishverma

June 21st

22:19 LINKAGE, by satishverma

June 20th

22:15 MOB WAS COMING, by satishverma

Directory of Poetry


Alfred Noves Poems

Published by Joanne

Alfred Noyes was an poet of English descent of some renown, publishing well-loved poems such as The Barrel Organ and The Highwayman.  The latter is a particular favourite, as illustrated in 1995 by a BBC nationwide poll to find Britain’s Favourite Poem and The Highwayman came in at Number 15.  Born in 1880 in the west midlands town of Wolverhampton, the family soon moved to the Welsh coast where Alfred’s father was a teacher of Greek as well as Latin.  The young, budding poet was inspired by the mountains and sea around Aberystwyth and his writing occupied much of his time, even when studying for a degree at Exeter College, based in Oxford.  He failed at the final hurdle here though, partly because he was discussing with his publisher about …

Latest fusioned poems

June 9th

22:30 Roses are red, started by fullerg First poem published by this users on My poetic side

March 22nd

23:06 Walking The Sidewalks Of Brooklyn, started by bigwolf

March 10th

11:00 The Morning, started by bigwolf

August 16th

16:00 Stare, started by ianhm

June 22nd

9:30 you and me, started by rajat mahaych

November 18th

10:00 aspired prince, started by sarah

November 5th

23:00 First Love, started by shubert

October 17th

22:30 Jane Smile, started by SauravRHS

April 23rd

17:00 In my direction., started by Lifewellspoken

[+ poems]

Directory of Poetry


Aleister Crowley Poems

Published by Joanne

Here is a most unusual man – a poet who was heavily involved in the occult and mysticism.  He also found time to be a ceremonial magician and an occasional mountaineer but his major project was to be the founding member of a new religious philosophy which he called Thelema.  As this developed Crowley saw himself in the role of prophet and it was his responsibility to inform the whole of humanity of the dawn of the Aeon of Horus.

It was perhaps inevitable that religion would play such a key role, at least in his early life, having been born into a household where the parents, who were upper class and very well off, were part of a faction of the Plymouth Brethren known as the Exclusive Brethren.  Born in Warwickshire, England in 1875 he was christened Edward Alexander Crowley.  Aleister’s young life consisted …


Jack Kerouac Poems

Published by Joanne

Jack KerouacThis influential and much admired writer, christened Jean-Louis Kerouac, was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1922.  His parents were French-Canadian from Quebec and Jack, as he became known, grew up speaking French and did not properly master the English language until he was sixteen years old.  By this time he had done reasonably well in High School and won a scholarship to Columbia University.  Unusually, for a writer, he was also good at sport and excelled at football but an injury put paid to that and he unfortunately became disillusioned with his studies, and dropped out.

His New York city friends included with the poet Allen Ginsberg and the novelist William S. Burroughs.  Along with others such as Herbert Huncke this group were the original members of a style that came to be known as the “Beat Generation.”  Kerouac himself coined the …


Henry David Thoreau Poems

Published by Steven

Henry David ThoreauAuthor and poet Henry David Thoreau was born into an unremarkable New England family in Massachusetts in 1817. He is undoubtedly one of the most famous Americans of the 19th century, an ardent philosopher, abolitionist, and historian. His interests were many and varied and his best known literary works, Walden and Civil Disobedience, have had a strong influence on many political and social leaders since they were written over 150 years ago.

In his earl life, Thoreau thought of himself as a poet but was largely discouraged by those around him and finally came to see it as far too constrictive for the ideas he wanted to explore. Though he wrote a good deal of poetry, it is his essays and longer works that have survived and prospered over the years, revised and adapted to suit each generations hopes and desires.

In …


Andrew Marvell Poems

Published by Steven

Andrew MarvellEnglish lyric poet and politician, Andrew Marvell was born in 1621 in East Riding, Yorkshire. His father was a vicar and the family moved to Hull when he became a lecturer at Holy Trinity Church there. Initially tutored at a Hull grammar school, Andrew Marvell, at the age of 13, went to Cambridge to study.

At the height of the English Civil War, Marvell was on the European continent and remained there until 1647, managing to learn four languages during his time away. He had begun writing poems whilst still at Cambridge and was not averse to including political commentary and satire in his verses. He wrote with sadness about the death of Charles I but also spoke in praise of Cromwell.

On his return from Europe, Marvell acted as tutor to the daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax, who had been in charge …

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