The Lack of Poetry

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 6 de October de 2006 a las 02:00 pm

In case you missed it, yesterday, October 5, was National Poetry Day in the UK. I”ve been poking around at the various bits of news and note that came out of the day with interest, and find it both amusing and surprising. Perhaps it”s because I”ve been immersed in poetry and its world for most […]


iPoems Launches

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 4 de October de 2006 a las 09:22 am

I told you about this a few months back – the Brit company that was going to offer downloads of poetry for $.95 each. Well, it”s here and it”s happening today. Not only is it happening today, but they”ve caused enough of a splash to make the front page of Yahoo and get a short […]


Dodge Roundup – The Weekend in Poetry

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 1 de October de 2006 a las 01:16 pm

So I missed the Dodge Poetry Festival this weekend, but I”m hoping for next year. In the meantime, I”ve kept up with some of the excitement by following along with what”s coming out of there in a few blogs. Here”s a taste of what you would have seen and heard if you”d made it to […]


Poetry Festival Wins Alternate Nobel Prize

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 1 de October de 2006 a las 10:38 am

On Thursday, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation announced the 2006 recipients of the Right Livelihood Award. Among the three are a U.S. man who exposed corruption in government, an Indian woman who has dedicated her life to securing equal rights for other women, and a poetry festival that is an inspiration to the entire world. […]


Poetic Truth – Dana Shuster Never Served

Publicado por Julian Yanover el 30 de September de 2006 a las 02:01 pm

What is the responsibility of the poet to truth? That may seem an odd question, but it”s one that poets sometimes struggle with, especially when they write poetry using the “I” voice. A story reported by Diantha Parker on NPR today brings up the question in a rather haunting way. In 1993, Vice President Al […]