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Today in history

  • 1931

    Etheridge Knight: On April the 19th 1931 Etheridge Knight is born [Corinth, Mississippi, United States]

  • 1998

    Octavio Paz: Octavio Paz died of cancer at the age of 84 whilst in Mexico City. [Mexico City, Mexico]

Featured news

Thomas Portrait At Auction/Dante Celebration Launches/Iran’s Homage To Poets – Poetry News Roundup April 14th


Today’s poetry news round-up takes a look at the last portrait of Dylan Thomas, another Dante project, and the unusual alley names in an Iranian village. Swansea Artist Portrait of Dylan Thomas Goes up For Auction A painting which is part of a series painted by Gordon Stuart in 1953 was created at Dylan Thomas’s home. It is one of the last paintings that was created of the Welsh poet, and when it ...

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